General Information:
Notarization and legalization:
Term of patent and renewals:

General Information

Trademarks are governed in Pakistan under the Trademarks Ordinance, 2001 and Rules framed thereunder are known as Trademarks Rules 2004. The Headquarter of Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is located in Islamabad. However, the Trademarks Registry is situated in Karachi where the Registrar of Trademarks carries out all the necessary work. Trademark applications can be submitted at the Trademarks Registry, Karachi or at any of the regional offices.

Under the Trademark legislations, separate applications are required to be filed in each class or in other words "multiple classes" are not allowed in one application.


Following information and documents are required for filing a trade mark or service mark application in Pakistan:

  • Full name, nationality and address of the applicant.
  • Brief details of the nature of applicant's business for inst4ance "manufacturers" etc.
  • Specification of goods/services for which protection is sought. One application cannot cover goods/services falling in more than one class.

  • Use of the mark: It is required to be stated in the application that:

    i) The mark is already in use since _____; OR
    ii) the mark is proposed to be used.

    An absolutely new mark is eligible for registration in Pakistan.

  • A soft or hard copy of the Trademark sought to be registered.
  • Power of Attorney to be executed in favour of the Trademark Attorney.
  • Details of priority application, if any.

Notarization and legalization

The documents including Power of Attorney require notarization by a notary public in the country in which it is executed. Legalization is preferred in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Term of Trademark and renewals

The initial term of a mark is ten years from the date of application and is required to be renewed every 10 years in order to keep it alive.

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The information given here is intended to be general information and is not intended to provide legal or other advice. We strongly recommend taking professional legal advice relating to the registration of intellectual property and its protection under the relevant laws.

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