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Mr. Hamood-ur-Rub Jaffry (Partner Intellegal Pakistan):
Mr. Aman Qazi (Senior Associate):
Ms. Saira Sheikh (Senior Associate):

Mr. Hamood-ur-Rub Jaffry (Partner Intellegal Pakistan)

Hamood-ur-Rub Jaffry has been awarded a "Certificate of Patent Expert" by JPO (Tokyo) Japan and currently he is the only person in Pakistan who holds this certificate.

He has also been awarded by Karachi University the degrees of B. Sc. and LL.B. He completed his M.B.A (Marketing) from The International University of Missouri (Karachi Campus). One year diploma program for Computer Science (Softwares) at Petroman Training Institute (Karachi) has also been attended by him.

Seminar Completion Certificate from the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) was awarded to Mr. Jaffry in 2005 for the program of the JPAA Intellectual Property Practitioners Seminar in Singapore organized and sponsored by JPAA and co-sponsored by Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Centre (APIC) of Japan Institute of Innovation and Invention (JIII), supported by Intellectual Property Office Singapore (IPOS) and Association of Singapore Patent Agents (ASPA) in March 2005.

Having an experience of 18 years in the field of IP laws, Mr. Jaffry is known in the field as one of the most experienced IP Lawyer in Pakistan. He has been involved in matters relating to Intellectual Property, particularly in connection with Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Designs and Plant variety. This includes Research, Registrations, Assignments, Mergers and other related issues. He also has worked on different legal matters of Intellectual Property particularly relating to the issues of existing law. Has supervised development of customized IP softwares. He attends hearings before the Controller and Examiners of Patents and Registrar of Designs and also attends lower and High courts.

Mr. Jaffry is registered with the Sind Bar Council since 2004. Memberships of Karachi Bar Association; Pakistan Industrial and Intellectual Property Association (PIPRA); Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) have also been acquired by Mr. Jaffry.

Mr. Aman Qazi (Senior Associate)

Mr. Aman Qazi is a Law graduate and also having a degree of Bachelor of Commerce, both obtained from the University of Karachi. Profession of law is running in his blood since the Law has been his family profession for his last four generations. He has been practicing in Pakistani Courts for more than two and a half decades. His practice areas include Corporate Laws, Family Laws, Registrations and Assignments, Mergers and Acquisition and many others. He has been a very successful lawyer and keeps an excellent reputation for the cases he deals.

Mr. Aman Qazi is a member of Karachi Bar Council, Sind Bar Council, High Court Bar Council and many other professional national and international associations.

Ms. Saira Sheikh (Senior Associate)

Ms. Saira Sheikh has started her career as a proceeding lawyer and specializes in advising on a wide range of commercial transactions. She has worked on corporate matters regarding structuring of IP rights and litigation relating to Trademarks, Copyright, Designs, Patents, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition. She has been satisfactorily representing the interests of various prominent companies and individuals in the High Court of Sind, Subordinate Courts and Special Tribunals including Banking Courts and Trade Mark Registry.

Saira Sheikh studied at Sind Muslim Government Law College and got a Bachelor of Law degree from Karachi University. She has worked for leading I.P. law firms as an associate lawyer and been engaged in Legal Counseling, Trademark Registrations, Litigation and Opposition Proceeding and also Independently Conducting and Handling prestigious local and foreign companies and firms at High Court.

Saira Sheikh is a member of Sind Bar Counsel and Karachi Bar Association and is enrolled to practice in all the Subordinate and High Courts of Pakistan.

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